Chocolates Academy - أكاديمية الشوكولاتة

Terms and conditions

“It isn’t about learning the latest techniques because our scholars accomplished more than that. Chocolates Academy inspires its scholars to be more productive and successful in their future plans”.

Professor “Noura Al gendy”.

Terms of Use agreement

terms and conditions of using Chocolates Academy website

An agreement between Chocolates Academy and the user

You must agree to our terms and conditions set out in “ terms of use agreement”. By signing up, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Editing our terms

Chocolates Academy has the right to update these terms anytime on a temporary or permanent basis and without any notification. You agree to check these terms regularly. You also agree that Chocolates Academy isn't liable to you or any third party for any modifications. Chocolate Academy can update its information without any notification.

Restrictions on personal and non-commercial use

If Chocolates Academy didn’t give you the permission, this website must be only for personal and non-commercial use. It is designed only to give information and services of Chocolates Academy. Without a written permission from the academy, you mustn't copy, distribute, send, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works, sell, or transfer any information about the academy. You mustn’t use the content of the website to teach students in a business environment ( where students pay for this service) . If your account doesn’t allow you to distribute our materials, you mustn't do that .The relevant payment must return to the academy. Any scholar or instructor has their own account. You can use the website and the materials to teach the scholars only by signing up to the website as an instructor in Chocolates Academy

There is no illegal or prohibited use:

  • Under any State, federal or local law ,or prohibited by these terms and conditions, you have to undertake not to use the website for any illegal purpose.
  • You mustn’t use or even try to use any other material or information which is not available on the website. No use of information or materials on other websites.
  • Chocolates academy has the right to delete your account or any other accounts anytime, if you don’t comply with these terms or cause any damage to its system, its network,its reputation,to any other employees, or any third party.

The available program in Chocolates Academy’s website

The program (if any) is a copyright protected business for the particular owner. You can download it from the website.Using this program is subject to the requirements of the end-user licensing agreement which is accompanied or embedded in the program of “licensing agreement”. You mustn’t use or uninstall any program accompanied in the licensing agreement unless it first agrees to the terms of the licensing agreement. The law prevents any reproducing or any redistributing of the program. If you break these rules, you will face civil and criminal penalties and you will be punished as much as possible.

Except that you are not allowed to reproduce or redistribute the program to any other server or any other website. That happens only according to the licensing agreement.

Ensuring the recovery of your fees

Your happiness and satisfaction with the course means alot to us. We appreciate your decision to study in Chocolates Academy but if you change your mind before the beginning of the course ,during it ,or after having a level and getting its certificate, you will get your money back.