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"We have done a lot of research to create a very balanced content that meets the needs of the beneficiaries, and to facilitate the educational process by shortening its duration and increasing its quality."

Prof / Heba Raoaf

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registration instructions Step by step

  • use the academy website
    click on SIGNUP
  • fill the form and click Create account Create account
  • to register in the chocolate industry course click on this link
  • The student must have an active and unique email address to start on this process. We design the registration database system in Chocolates academy to determine the student’s first and last name and his unique email address. So every student must have his own email address on Gmail.
  • The student will receive an e-mail notification on his email after the academ’s approval.
  • every student will receive his academic number (ID) and password through his own email before the beginning of the study.
  • You can pay online by credit card or a bank transfer at the time of registration.

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The Academic path


This Academic path enables you to get the most important information about chocolate. Your journey will begin through a group of basic elements which make the student be able to recognize the chocolate story, its history, its types, its benefits, the leading countries in its industry, the importance of investing in it and other indispensable elements.

This Academic path contains all the principal information about the chocolate industry And its associated issues that help the student to combine the theoretical and the practical background of this leading industry. This academic path also helps you to get a clear picture about the industry of pleasure and happiness,namely the chocolate industry.