Chocolates Academy - أكاديمية الشوكولاتة

syllabusThe elements you will be able to recognize through your journey in chocolates academy


  • Introduction to different types of chocolates, tools, and materials.
  • How to clean molds to be ready for use.
  • Different types of saving and wrapping chocolates.
  • Introduction to manual and machine techniques of making chocolates.
  • Making three different types of chocolates with colored cocoa butter.
2 hours/lecture

Fillings and coloring chocolates

  • Making three different types of chocolates with colored cocoa butter.
  • How to mold chocolates with Fillings.
  • How to color chocolates with Fillings.
2 hours/lecture

Pouring Chocolate

  • Coloring chocolates with Fillings and pouring Chocolate by glitter.
  • Making chocolates by using silicone and transfer molds and learning how to print on chocolates using a tablet.
  • Making chocolates using the exposed filling technique.
2 hours/lecture

Coloring and printing on chocolates

  • hat is an airbrush, how to fix it, and how to make chocolates using it?
  • Making stuffed chocolate using the spray technique.
  • Introduction about printing on chocolate using inks and how to print on chocolates using programs like word and photoshop .
2 hours/lecture

The marketing strategy for chocolate business

The importance of marketing lies in the continuity of business enterprise in markets, the continued spread of its goods,and raising global economic growth rate. The connection between the organization and the client helps in producing goods and other services that satisfy people.

2 hours/lecture

Create your trademark

Here you can recognize the importance of making a trademark .The trademark is considered as a slogan or the connection which links the company with people. This element helps you to make a great background about the concept of trademark, its types and its importance. Also you can recognize the leading chocolate brands like Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and Ghirardelli Chocolate,etc.

2 hours/lecture

Graduation projects of our students at Chocolates Academy

What can distinguish your project from other projects in the same field?!!
Competition is the secret, but how can you have a strong competitive advantage that attracts your customers?! Chocolates Academy gives you the opportunity to lead in the chocolate industry by learning about the secrets and arts of this delicious industry, and how to deal professionally with the market and competitors.

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The Academic path


This Academic path enables you to get the most important information about chocolate. Your journey will begin through a group of basic elements which make the student able to recognize the chocolate story, its history, its types, its benefits, the leading countries in its industry, the importance of investing in it, and other indispensable elements.

This Academic path contains all the principal information about the chocolate industry And its associated issues that help the student to combine the theoretical and the practical background of this leading industry. This academic path also helps you to get a clear picture of the industry of pleasure and happiness, namely the chocolate industry.