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Course with Arabic language
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Start at 16/11/2022

What you'll learn

Introduction to different types of chocolates, tools, and materials.
How to clean molds to be ready for use.
Different types of saving and wrapping chocolates.
Introduction to manual and machine techniques of making chocolates.
Making three different types of chocolates with colored cocoa butter.
Introduction about printing on chocolate using inks.
Introduction to fillings, casting, and coloring chocolates by colors and chocolate polish.
Making chocolates by using silicone and transfer molds and learn how to print on chocolates using a tablet.
Making chocolates with filling .
What is an airbrush, how to fix it, and how to make chocolates using it?.
How to make chocolates using Squirt Technology.
How to print on chocolates using word and photoshop .
Creating your trademark.
Creating your marketing strategy.

Chocolates Academy is a smart way to learn

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This course includes:

8 hrs live
4 hrs recorded
GMT−05:00 PM
2 lectures a week
Beginner Level
certified certificate


You will start your journey through a group of key elements which enable the student to learn more about the principles of the chocolate industry, its types, and the importance of investing in it. You will learn the best way to manage your business and other indispensable elements.

Examples of lectures

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