Chocolates Academy - أكاديمية الشوكولاتة

Common questions

Who can join the Chocolate Academy?

There is no obstacle for those who are above eighteen and have the desire to learn about the chocolate industry. The student must agree to the terms and conditions of the Chocolate Academy.

How to study in a Chocolate Academy?

Chocolate Academy depends on e-learning . students can attend the private lectures of their registered classes if they want or if they are absent. This happens According to the terms and conditions of the Chocolate Academy.

Can I keep my study materials?

Of course you can with pleasure. All rights reserved to Chocolate Academy.

What if I couldn't pass the final test?

The student has the right to ask the Academy Council for another chance if he couldn’t pass the final test. Your request is often accepted and the council gives the opportunity to submit again

What is the Chocolate Academy council?

The chocolate Academy council consists of the coordinator, General superintendent of the Academy, registration officer, head of quality section and the student's lawyer.

How was the syllabus of Chocolate Academy built ?

We made the syllabus of Chocolate Academy in a scientific way that matches the syllabus and manufacturing methods in Harvard university and other outstanding universities to make the student be able to get the totalitarian vocabulary he wants through specialists and experts in the field of creating syllabus. You can check it through . the link .

How many hours of studying in the Academy?

According to the Academic schedule of Chocolate Academy, there are 12 hours with instructors and 160 hours of self studying through a specific syllabus. The Academic schedule is available; you can check it.

Who are the target groups of Chocolate Academy?

All people who are interested in the chocolate industry , workers of this field, and those people who want to join this sophisticated industry either in laboratories, through its marketing, getting special tastes, making a trademark or working from home in the chocolate industry are allowed to join the academy.

What is the value of investing in Chocolate Academy?

Investing in knowledge becomes the feature of time and Chocolate Academy gets only 200$ for this amazing investment in teaching the chocolate industry with the ability of getting all your money back during your study period. There is no other additional cost.

How does chocolate academy assess the student?

Studying in the academy is assessed through clear and specific ways. It is 10% for attendance and 60% for the last test, distributed as follows:
If you get 50% or above, you will pass.
More than 70% means Good.
More than 80% means Very Good.ا
More than 90% means Excellent.

Does Chocolate Academy give a certification after finishing studies or tests?

Yes, Chocolate Academy gives a degree completion certificate which is accredited by the academy. The Academy is independent so you can check the certification through this link.

What does studying at Chocolates academy cost? And how much is it in other currencies?

Studying in Chocolates Academy costs 200$ ( one hundred American Dollar).
100 USD equals:
1500 EG (One thousand and five hundred Egyptian pounds).
925 MAD (nine hundred and twenty five Moroccan Dirham).
€ 89 (eighty nine Euro).
375 SAR ( Three thousand and seventy five Saudi Riyal ).
£75 ( Seventy five pound sterling).

What are the acceptable payment methods at the Chocolates Academy?

You can pay by credit cards like VISA or MASTER CARDS. You also can pay by your PAYPAL , VODAFONE CASH or through WESTERN UNION.

What is the syllabus and curriculum of the Chocolate industry?

Chocolates Academy teaches the principles of the chocolate industry from A to Z. it also teaches Account management strategy, The feasibility study, Creating trademark, and digital marketing. You can check the curriculum of the Chocolate industry through this link