Chocolates Academy - أكاديمية الشوكولاتة


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With a group of educational specialists who wanted to spread specialized knowledge through the website of the academy.

Welcome to chocolates Academy

Chocolate is a principle material in making desserts all over the world that shows the importance of learning this industry. The chocolates Academy seeks to clear implementation and reliable knowledge. In the Academy the scholar learns the chocolate story, the historical development of the chocolate industry, chocolate types, its benefits and its recipe to make it in small projects. In addition to the continuous practical implementation to get what we want from studying in the academy. It is anticipated that chocolate exports will be more than 160 Billion dollars around the world by 2024. Let’s seize this moment in learning this industry and be a part of this special chocolate cake.

Our goals

Our vision

Chocolate industry is available to everyone.

Our mission

Seeking to apply knowledge and strengthen the applied environment of the chocolate industry.